XSHIBA Dapper, the Crypto Meme

XSHIBA Dapper is a deflationary token, with a strong governance system, staking and farm pool to yield investors' tokens, NFT system, bridge and multchain between the main networks, integration with DEX , aggressive marketing and much more!

Click the Contract Address to copy: 0xb2443b3f8574687c1fdb2aa0b7dbf4bfed88acb7

What is XSHIBA?

XSHIBADapper is an innovative project in the crypto market. Our vision is to make the project large and useful for investors. XSHIBA is inspired by success stories, such as Twitter and the crypto Shiba Inu

NFTs farm pool

XSHIBA NFTs will have real uses and bring profit gains to investors. The NFT system will be launched soon.

Bridge and Multchain

The bridge and multchain system will allow investors to swap XSHIBA tokens between various networks, as well as allowing swaps of cryptocurrencies such as BNB, ETH, USDT, Matic, among others.

Strong and aggressive marketing

The XSHIBA team is strong and experts in the crypto market. The team is made up of people with good contacts, good knowledge and a determination to make XSHIBA a million-dollar marketcap project.

Inspiration from XSHIBA NFTs

Arts and collections

White List

The White List is the first phase of the project. White List buyers will make excellent profits when the project is launched

Some pertinent and important points:

  • WhiteList price: will be defined when sales end
  • value of 1 share: $100
  • minimum purchase per wallet: $50
  • maximum purchase per wallet: $400
  • to buy, just click on Connect Presale
  • purchases are only for BNB, USDT and BUSD
  • just choose the currency and enter the amount to be paid
  • wait for the transaction to be confirmed
  • the tokens will be credited to your wallet immediately


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